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The Peckish Pony – Street Food Down on the Farm 18th & 19th May 2019

The Peckish Pony – we present you with Street Food from around the world for your delight & delectation.

An inspired cuisine awaits you at The Peckish Pony with our Street Food from around the world. Bored with sandwiches?  You bet! You might be in Penkridge, but we’re going to transport you to a torrid and tastier experience than you may ever have had before. Especially if you’re vegan, cos we’ve taken care of you, too.

The extraordinary nosh ‘n’ natter from these extraordinary street food vendors is all sourced as locally as possible and, eco aware, their packaging is made from, among other sustainable gubbins, plant based materials;  portion pots & glasses are also very likely to be compostable.

This is going to be a show with a kick and one to savour in your memory.

The Hungry Penguin Pancake Company from Birmingham, serving delicious handmade Sweet & Savoury Pancakes from a stylish black and white gazebo, in braces & bow ties. And their food is as stylish as their presentation

The Green Canteen from Cumbria, serving Vegan Catering: Falafel, Chilli Nachos, Hot Sandwiches, Tacos, Sushi

The Little Diner from Cheshire,  passionate about great tasting food from local organic sources. Serving peppered Aberdeen Angus steak burgers &cheese burgers featuring mature cheddar, organic reared sausage meet hot dogs with or without chilli jam & jelapenos, free range reared back bacon baps & French fries from Maris Piper potatoes, seasoned with French fries from Maris Piper potatoes, seasoned with sea salt & pepper. All 100% organic. And they look great! 

Urban Herbs from Birmingham, presenting wide range of unusual potted herbs 9cm high for culinary use. Living, growing flavour. You won’t find these on the high street or in the supermarket. Your chance to ask these guys anything you want to about herbs – and they have all the answers.

The Coffee Bug adding a little fun & quirkiness with their distinctive ladybird coloured Beetle serving lashings of Illy Coffee, a grand selection of Twinings Tea and their infamous hot chocolate on a stick in 7 mouth watering flavours

The Knitted Teashop presented by the Staffordshire Federation of the WI. The real deal in coffee, tea & cakes alongside Down on the Farm knitted animals, available for adoption.

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