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Get Ahead Get A Hat / Wear A Hat Day

Wool@J13's 2018 Hat Exhibition by You, for You
Wear a Hat Day March 31st 2018
Supporting Brain Tumour Research

Do you have a hidden talent for making hats that no one knows about?  Have you been beavering away in secret, wishing that you had the opportunity to show your skills to the world?  Well, now you have.  Wool@J13 is holding a hat exhibition as part of our 2018 show and WE WANT YOU TO GET INVOLVED.

Be it a Balaclava, a Bowler or the flourish of a Fez, a Cavalier’s hat or an extravaganza worn to a wedding; whatever shape or size or from whatever era you choose to draw your inspiration, we want to see it.

Whether you crochet, knit, weave, felt, stitch or however you choose to achieve your hat, as long as the highest fibre content is wool (not acrylic, please note), we definitely want to see it. Let your imagination go wild, run backwards and forwards in time to see what you may unearth sitting stop the heads of the people and then let your fingers do the talking.  If you make it, we’ll show it.

Here are some questions we think you may be asking:

  • How much does it cost to enter?  £2.00 per hat. 50p of this goes to Brain Tumour Research.
  • Can I offer my hat for sale during the exhibition? Yes, you may. Just tell us on the Entry Form that you want to do this.
  • When do I need to get my hat to you by?  Friday May 4th 5pm, along with the Entry Form and payment ticket to show you have paid your entry cost
  • Where do I send my hat entry? Lower Drayton Farm, where the show is held. The full address is on the entry form.
  • What about collecting my hat and/or remittance on any sales?   This will take place at 4.30pm on Sunday 13th May at the show’s finish, either by you, as the maker, or by a nominated representative.
  • I’d like to enter a hat, but I don’t have any/much experience of making one.  Can you help? Lucky you. We’re running two special hat making workshops in February & March 2018 for individuals like yourself who are not quite sure how to push their craft skills one step ahead. Please excuse the pun.   Booking Form Hat Making Masterclass

You’ll find all information for entering our Hat Exhibition on our Entry Form. If you have any further questions, please do get back to us and it will be our pleasure to help you where we can.

Entry Form for the Hat Exhibition



  • Entering a Hat in our Exhibition supports the charity’s fundraising for vital research into this body, mind & soul destroying disease.  We will also be fundraising at the 2018 show in May.  It may be a little known fact that brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other form of cancer and your creative input can represent a contribution to helping to end this startling statistic
  • Wear your hat in public. Make it creative and make it fun to fundraise. Brain Tumour Research is holding a UK wide fundraising Wear A Hat Day in March 2018.  Get involved with this with Wool@J13, flash mob style, in Stafford Town Centre on Saturday March 31st, or organise your own where you are. Read The Why, What & How of Wear A Hat Day 2018 with Wool@J13 to find out what you need to do to get involved.

Ian Reddington


“Wear A Hat Day is such a great initiative to raise awareness and vital funds for brain tumour research. Having read the stories of so many children, young adults and mums and dads that have been affected I couldn’t help but get involved and I implore business leaders and the general public to get involved too.”

Photo © Robert Day

Linda Robson

Actress and TV presenter

“I’m delighted to be able to help such a wonderful and passionate charity. My closest cousin Jackie had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and I’m amazed by the lack of funding being made available for this terrible and life-threatening disease, so I’m doing what I can to help raise awareness and increase support for Brain Tumour Research and Wear A Hat Day. Will you join in and help all of those affected?” 

Kevin McCloud

Author, Broadcaster and Designer

“Increase awareness of what can happen in the head by wearing something on it this March. Wear a Hat Day is the proper way to support Brain Tumour Research in their quest to find a cure for this silent killer. Brain tumours can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated early enough. I know because I have lost two people close to me who were diagnosed with brain tumours. So the more money we can raise to support further research into new treatments, the better.” 




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