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Equality & Diversity – read all about it.


Wool@J13 comes to you courtesy of Ingrid Wagner and Val James, two women who have joined their considerable forces to bring you this vibrant and stimulating show, designed to celebrate and help you to learn about all things woolly through its exhibitors, exhibitions, workshops & talks.  Music, some mayhem and senses stealing Street Food from all around the world have been mixed into the equation. Ingrid & Val like fun as well as wool. They think you’ll like it too.

Ingrid has a passion for colour.  She is a freelance artist (20+) Ingrid Wagner Art | Facebook who also specialises in painting portraits of animals (20+) Pet Portraits by Ingrid Wagner | Facebook has a background in film & theatre and exhibited on the UK show circuit with her own textile business 2006-2019.  She holds a First Class Honours degree in Textile Design and a Masters in Cultural Management. She has lived & worked with many different ethnic communities  in Poland, Russia & Morocco and now in Milford, Staffordshire. Her feet tend to itch if she stands still, so she hardly ever does. Her passion for colour is almost matched by a passion for teaching & learning.

Val James, on the other hand, has a passion for educating people about how food progresses from the field to fork and is a keen conservationist.  She is one half of the couple who run the 600 acre beef and arable farm at Lower Drayton in Penkridge, Stafford.  It has already diversified into a family farm attraction with many visitors to learn about its continually developing new habitats and attractions. The farm’s year-round programme of events, activities and educational visits keeps Val just a bit busy. Val also runs a very busy B&B business alongside holiday cottages. Stay at the Farm Occasionally she sleeps.


Wool@J13 is committed to encouraging diversity, promoting equal opportunities and providing fair treatment in all that we do. We strive for an environment that is inclusive, free from discrimination and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We agree with Maya Angelou that there is strength in difference if we choose to embrace it. And, at Wool@J13, we do.

Wool @J13 has a clear vision supported by strong values, which is reflected in our work and volunteering practises as well as in our relationships. We are people focussed, we have a ‘can do’ attitude and we strive to be the best in everything we do.  We have mutual respect for everyone we come into contact with, work with and support as an organisation and we believe that the fresh ideas and perceptions presented by people from different backgrounds, with different skills, attitudes and experiences should be welcomed, actively encouraged and learned from.

We celebrate equality. We celebrate diversity.  We celebrate the strength that lies at the heart of both. And we welcome you to celebrate with us.

WoolJ13 Equality and Diversity Policy


Wool@J13 Ltd trading as Wool@J-13  understands that you are rightly concerned that your data will only be collected or used for any legitimately intended purpose.  We are committed to processing your personal information in ways that comply with our legal obligations, and to being clear with you about what we do with your information.

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