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“Wool@J13 will forever hold a special place in my heart. It has made me brave.”   First time exhibitor Clare Wilson, The Knackered Psycho

You’re new to show business.  You’ve never booked a stand before – in fact, you’ve never even looked at an application form for a show and you’ve no idea where to start. You need a bit of help. Do not worry. That’s exactly why we’re here. To lend you a helping hand.

Firstly, we’ve written a series of articles which we’ve called The Newbies Bible containing answers to lots of questions which people from new businesses tell us that they have when it comes to show business.  Download and read it. We hope it helps take some of the worry out of taking that first step in exhibiting at a show. Let us know if it does and if you have questions which we haven’t answered, send them to us and we’ll add the answers (if we have them) to the attached.

Secondly, Wool@J13 is giving you a bit of financial help in our ‘Saw Them Here First’ section of our show. This is a new Exhibitor Zone for local start-up businesses, with half price exhibition space. Every little helps, as they say.  Clare Wilson from The Knackered Psycho exhibited for the very first time with Wool@J13. She had never done a show on her own before. Read her blog to see what she thought of the experience.

Here’s how you qualify for Saw Them Here First & why it’s a good idea to take this offer up:

  • Your business must have been operating for under 12 months.
  • This zone offers you a great platform to promote yourself and gain experience of exhibiting at wool shows.

Check out the Exhibitor information page which will tell you why Wool@J13 is such a good bet for exhibitors in terms of how well we look after you all.

Please also see our:

Terms and Conditions

Health & Safety Policy

Equality & Diversity Policy

To apply for Wool@J13 2024, please click the link below

Saw Them Here First Application Form



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