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Hatmaker, hatmaker, make me a hat!
11th February 2018

Wool@J13’s venue, Lower Drayton Farm, Penkridge, Staffordshire, is playing host to a whole weekend of masterclass hatmaking on 10th & 11th March 2018. The fun weekend will be supporting Brain Tumour Research as part of a trio of activities on all things hat, run by Wool@J13 and all fundraising for this charity.

The masterclass will be run by professional hatters, Zara & Paul, from the independent fibre art studio, Innerspiral Participants will be able to make either a trilby style or a short top hat, guided by artists who, with a decade of combined experience between them, have a well-earned and unrivalled reputation in creating original designs for their collection of trilbys, magic hats, top hats and super tall hats made using their own hand-dyed natural wool fibres. When Ingrid approached Zara to ask if she was interested in leading the masterclass, Zara immediately said yes.

‘One of the reasons for our involvement is that my own mother was struck down with brain cancer in 2016 and died early 2017,’ said Zara. ‘It was sudden and shocking and it devastated her and all of our family. I feel the need to support fund raising very strongly. Ingrid’s offer was the perfect chance to combine my work with a cause close to my heart.’

As part of the masterclass, Zara will be teaching about template design, shading colours, fulling and professional finishing techniques.  Participants will be able to take their finished hat home to have, to hold and to wear.

The 2 day masterclass is £195.00, a proportion of which will be going to Brain Tumour Research.

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