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Hats Off to a Super Hat Making Weekend
12th March 2018

“Thankyou for such a fun and educational weekend”   Andy Ridge
“My husband loves my hat so much that I’m going to have to make one for him”  Jo Baker
“I didn’t quite know what to expect but it’s been so much more!”     Lindsay Wright

The Masterclass was a masterclass in making with more than a little physical activity going into the demands of sculpting a substantial piece of felt into a hat.  Learning about wool and its properties was just one part of the weekend.  Learning how to lay it out on a template, begin to felt it, start to create the hat shape, work the felt to shrink it to the size required, rinsing, fixing and adding a hatband – two days of very valuable experience and knowledge acquired. A big thankyou goes to Zara & Paul for their very able and wise leading of this Masterclass weekend, one that we feel could be repeated at a future date.

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