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7th May 2024

So, how about starting off with learning how to wet felt a set of decorative bells with Svetlana Brettell who is mindful of the benefits of felting when it comes to your mental health, or go with Caroline from Gorgeous Yarns, a natural dye resource for yarns, kits and more! to find out about the sun’s role in Solar Dyeing. Kick back with Helen, our Yorkshire lass from Helen Jordan Biography – Thread of Life who could crochet for England with her eyes closed, though in her Tunisian Crochet class, she will be keeping an eye on every one of her students!

Moving on to Amber Brigham’s super duper colours Tuftingaround | rug tufting workshop | Sheffield, UK, you’ll be able to learn how she uses a Needle Punch to create smaller versions of her rather stunning rugs; in contrast and in miniature, try your crochet hand at the art of Amigurumi with Crocreate, Suzi Ashcroft all the way up to Staffordshire from Folkestone Harbour Yarn is bringing back her very popular workshop from last year on Visible Mending: learn how to redesign & include that unwanted tear without trying to hide it, works every time.

And there is a second lot of felting for you to try out in two different workshops: this one’s without water & uses the art of needle felting to produce pincushions and baby alpacas, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Can’t decide which? Do both!

And last, but definitely not least, Katherine Keatley from Textile Designer – Katherine Keatley | Kizzyka Designs is going to put you through your paces on, ta da, Saxon Embroidery. This comes with a special insight into the Britain of the past & the discovery of the Saxon Horde in nearby Lichfield back in the day, that is to say, its origin was the 7th century and it was discovered in 2009. You will have the utter delight of learning the style of embroidery using a design from the Horde itself, courtesy of Katherine.

Some of our workshops are running on both days, some for one day only, so make sure you don’t miss out, whichever one you pick. Or, if you’re feeling generous to yourself, do more than one – you will not regret it.

For more information and to book, head to Workshops & Talks Wool@J13 2024 | Wool @ Junction 13 (

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