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19th March 2023

Wool@J13 is extending its ethos and it’s good news all round, for the planet and for our secret and not so secret places. Does your sofa have that sinking feeling, is your bed balanced by a pile of past pages that you can’t bear to throw out because, well, they’re so useful aren’t they? Does your yarn stash overwhelm your wardrobe? And if your other half managed to get into your garden shed, would they encounter more than a sack of seeds and a riot of rakes?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then we’ve got the answer to your dilemma at this year’s show. Housed in three gazebos in our new, more spacious and lovely grounds of the grade II listed Bishton Hall’s Georgian impressiveness, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, aims to give a home to past issues of all your Knitting, Crochet & all manner of Craft magazines that, as one would be visitor to the show, said, you just can’t bear to throw out. Bring your piles, as it were, to the show and have a rifle through someone else’s. Because you may take away a new lot of learning.

And you may be able to swap some of your stash of yarn with something more useful or appealing. Don’t waste your time on yarn you don’t love. Either let it fulfil its fibre destiny or just let it go. You are, after all, the master of your yarn and the captain of your stash. Decide what you do with yours.

Any magazines or yarns left over after the show will be given away to Doctors’ surgeries, charity shops, craft circles and to Staffordshire’s new Happy Cafe located at Bishton Hall itself in Mary’s Tearoom.

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