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Stafford Steppers step up for Sock It To Me
13th April 2018

The Stafford Steppers may be lawyers, doctors and teachers by day, but after discarding their professional apparel, they indulge, at night, in their collective private passion: dance.  All trained in this particular creative art, they also reveal a second passion, that of performing for charities.  The girls all give their time free.

“We all love what we do,” says Suzie Kemp, the leader of Stafford Steppers, “and we are all behind the idea of helping to raise money for charity, so being involved in Wool@J13 is a perfect fit.”

It’ll be a challenge, Suzie goes on to say, because they’ve never been asked to present socks before.  Ingrid Wagner, Creative Director of Wool@J13, will be working with the Stafford Steppers to choreograph the sock presentation and professional compere, Tom Marshall, will be doing his bit to tell the audience about the make of the socks and their provenance. All socks will be available either to buy at the show ready made or in kit form with a pattern.

“We wanted to showcase our exhibitors who produce wool, patterns for socks and the socks themselves,” says Ingrid. “The strapline for Sock It To Me is ‘woolly goodness for your feet’. Wool allows your feet to breathe and helps prevent bacteria, so it’s good for anyone with foot allergies. And that’s just the start!”

The audience will be able to see woolly goodness in different sizes & colours, presented in style by the Stafford Steppers on Sunday 13th May at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00. Funds raised through the presentation will be going to the Childhood Liver Disease Foundation.

9 year old Callum who suffers from a rare liver complaint, will be at the show with mum, Lisa whose business “For the Love Of Yarn” will be one of the exhibitors showing in Sock It To Me. Lisa and Callum together designed a special ‘Mummy & Me’ sock kit to help raise funds for CLDF.

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