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What’s on at Wool@J13 2019?

18th & 19th May 2019
Penkridge • Staffordshire
Here’s the show and how it goes on.


Wool@J13 2019 brings you all manner of all things wool, celebrating the diversity within this one word.  Whether you are a knitter, crocheter, dyer, needle felter, sock maker or just plain curious, we have notions & potions of all shapes, sizes and colours just waiting for you at Wool@J13 2019. Our exhibitors will travel from Glasgow, Devon, Somerset, Hampshire, Shropshire, Birmingham, Litchfield, York, Milton Keynes, County Durham, Leeds …. all corners of the UK, to present their wares, to teach & to inspire you and to demonstrate their skills. They all love what they do and we invite you to share the love on the 18th & 19th May at Lower Drayton Farm, Penkridge, Staffordshire. Check out our exhibitor page for details of all our exhibitors for 2019.


2019 brings another stimulating programme of workshops & demonstrations for all our visitors, headed by The Sockmatician with his Double Knitting extravaganzas and The Makerss teaching their needle felting skills on both days of the show. Whether it’s in the field of knitting, crochet, felting or darning, our experienced exhibitors will be on hand to teach you where & how to go in the nicest possible way and we will also be welcoming visiting tutors Hembra Crafting with their Children’s Workshops, pegloom weaving & more, to our flock. Just click the link for a full listing of 2019 workshops 

Fashion Show

Last year it was socks & feet.  2019 is running the gauntlet – knitted or crocheted, we’re aiming for hands this year with mittens & gauntlets, very often worn for practical reasons i.e. keeping the hands warm while the fingers are free to move (many gardeners make use of them for this reason) or for decorative reasons.  Presented by The Stafford Steppers. For your delight, as always.

Challenge Arena

In bits? For those of our visitors to the show who are of an engineering turn of mind, that is to say, intensely practical & enquiring, we’ll be providing lots of bits in our new Challenge Arena for you to put back together again. The bits will belong to something connected with wool, so it could be a spinning wheel or a weaving loom.  Whatever is in bits in our Challenge Arena, you will need to work out how it goes back together again. And, unlike that shop where you have lots of instructions (well, some, anyway), there won’t be any diagrams.  But don’t worry – it’s very possible that The Gin Stop will be able to help you with thinking time.

Sheep Shearing

Returning in 2019 Sheep shearing is the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut away from the body of the sheep in order to keep it healthy and allow new fleece to grow in its place. The person who removes the sheep’s wool is called a shearer and Lower Drayton Farm’s shearer will be demonstrating his skill in removing sheeps’ fleeces without cutting or marking the skin of the animal.      

Stash Swap

Returning in 2019 Where do you keep your guilty pleasure? In the garage, under the sofa, behind the bed, boxed up in the shed?  Wherever your wool stash is, you may want to renew it and we are giving you the chance to do just that. The Stash Swop will run all weekend and you are invited to bring yours along and trade it in for fresh stock. We weigh it, you rummage and take away the equivalent in weight.  Or not, if you can bear it….

Music & Camping

I Got Rhythm The Daisy Dukes are the ladies with the ukuleles who will be serenading us on Saturday 18th May & joining the men of the punk ukelele band Not Quite Dead Yet on Sunday 19th May for further sounds. Camping Under canvas or in your caravan to bring you closer & quicker to the action. Just a field away at the farm. Check out more details on our Information page

Street Food

The Peckish Pony – Street Food Down on the Farm An inspired cuisine awaits you at The Peckish Pony with our Street Food from around the world. Bored with sandwiches?  You bet! You might be in Penkridge, but we’re going to transport you to a torrid and tastier experience than you may ever have had before. We have oodles of noodles for you, a smile of spices, battered bhajis (in a good way) and wood fired pizzas to savour. Oh, your taste buds will love you. Especially if you’re vegan, cos we’ve taken care of you, too. The extraordinary nosh ‘n’ natter from these extraordinary street food vendors is all sourced as locally as possible and, eco aware, their packaging is made from, among other sustainable gubbins, plant based materials;  portion pots & glasses are also very likely to be compostable. Don’t miss what is going to be a show with a kick and one to savour in your memory.  For our complete list of Food Traders for 2019, visit our What’s On page

Fleece Sale

Do you have a fleece which you want to sell or do you simply want to buy one ?  You may not know one end of a sheep from the other, but worry not.  We will have a resident experts on hand to help guide both buyers and sellers We have over 70 different breeds of sheep in the UK and the fleeces produced from them will all be as different as the breed itself. Some will be finer and be used for knitting clothes, while, at the other end of the scale, mountain sheep will produce coarse fleece, hardwearing & downright suitable for floor covering (carpets). Just one interesting fact which you’ll be able to find out from our resident experts. Watch this space for more details

The Knitted Tearoom

The talented regional WI will be at it again, not only producing their rightly celebrated cakes for our visitors over the show weekend, but putting their talents to the challenge theme for this year which is ‘Down on the Farm’.  Last year they knitted a whole tearoom which we auctioned off at the end of the weekend and in 2019, visitors will be able to take part in a Silent Auction to claim any or all of the knitted/crocheted/felted/sewn animals in support of Baggy Trousers, the charity which fundraises for Testicular Cancer and which we have adopted for our 2019 show. So, you will be able to do three things: eat, drink & lay claim to an animal. Oh, and don’t forget to be merry in the meantime.