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What’s on at [email protected] 2023?

Bishton Hall, Wolseley Bridge, Staffordshire
Here's the show and how it goes on.


[email protected] 2023 is set to show you all manner of all things wool, celebrating the diversity within this one word. Whether you are a knitter, crocheter, dyer, needle felter, sock maker or just plain curious, we have notions & potions of all shapes, sizes and colours just dyed for you at [email protected] 2023. Our exhibitors will be again be travelling from all over the country and we have a brand new location in the beautiful grounds of Bishton Hall, Staffordshire.  Check out our full list of exhibitors for 2023 here 


2023 is bringing another stimulating programme of workshops for all our visitors. You’ll be able to learn how to make all manner of creations, needle felt a garden or landscape, get the hang of crochet, find out all about solar dyeing and try out visible mending for all your tears and less than graces. Click on the link below to see the full programme which is available for your full enjoyment.

The Knitted Tearoom

Presented by Stoke on Trent based WI group, The Ceramic Sisters, whose cakes, bakes, teas, coffees & crafty creations have to be tasted & touched to be believed.  2023 ushers in all manner of woolly pets which you will be able to adopt in aid of the Staffordshire charity supporting people living with cancer Check them out – adopting a woolly pet will go a long way to making a vital difference. All work will be for sale, for a world which needs more than one colour to express our emotions. Oh, and a good cuppa and awfully squishy cake.

Reduce, ReUse

NEW FOR 2023


Bring us your tired, your old, your huddled masses of magazines yarning to be reused, the refuse of your teeming stores;  send these, the homeless, wound and unwound, pages long since perused to us here in our wool-washed baskets and on our table lay

At Bishton’s gates in 2023, place into another’s hands that they may find another life;  we lift our lamp to cry



A well equipped camping & caravanning site complete with hot & cold showers and a site shop for essentials can be found near to Bishton Hall at Carney Pools Camping and Caravanning, Bishton Lane, Wolseley Bridge ST18 OZX. Call  07530270284 to book or go to  10 mins in your car to the show site at Bishton Hall

There’s also Canalside Camping through Pitch Up across the nearby main road in the village of Great Haywood Great Haywood Canalside Camping, Great Haywood – Updated prices – Pitchup® 

And not short of choice, you can also pop over to or call them on 07398498424. This one’s a basic field to pitch your tent in but if that’s all you’re looking for, the price reflects this too.  And it’s only for a weekend …. you can wash when you get home, can’t you? Or use the posh loos on the show site.

I've Got Rhythm

Naomi Ellis is her name and rhythm and music is definitely her game.  When she’s not waving from Australian waters and the entertainment deck of cruise ships, she’s behind a microphone with her guitar in sunny Staffordshire, which is exactly where we heard her and exactly why we asked her to come and sing at this year’s show.

While we’re just waiting for a link to her just new show reel, you can pop over to her just new FB page and listen to a couple of tracks for your delight and delectation – which is exactly what it will be. Get your picnic blankets ready. This lady is a treasure to listen to.  (12) Naomi Mellis | Facebook



Street Food

The Peckish Pony Street Food  An inspired cuisine awaits you at The Peckish Pony with our Street Food from around the world, this year including a taste of Eastern Europe courtesy of Oksana Harris from  LET’S COOK! Ukraine. Oksana’s food is indeed an extra special treat, so if you’re bored with sandwiches, look no further than the blue & yellow tent, flying the flag for the best that this part of the world has to offer.

You might be in the Georgian splendour of the grounds at Bishton Hall, but we’re going to transport you to a torrid and tastier experience than you may ever have had before. We have oodles of noodles for you, a smile of spices, battered bhajis (in a good way) and the healthiest and tastiest of dishes from Ukraine. Oh, your taste buds will love you. Especially if you’re vegan. The extraordinary nosh ‘n’ natter from these extraordinary street food vendors is all sourced as locally as possible and, eco aware, their packaging is made from, among other sustainable gubbins, plant based materials; portion pots & glasses are also very likely to be compostable. Don’t miss what is going to be a show with a kick and one to savour in your memory.  For our complete list of Food Traders for 2023, visit  What’s On